Transfering mSand

I have some mSand in the sandbox but I have no idea and have done some research online. I cannot figure out how can I transfer the mSand to metamask. Can someone tell me how can I withdraw it to my wallet (I know how to withdraw from staking). I want to transfer it to my bank account.

Hey @yoohookitten, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

What wallet did you use to connect to Sandbox and stake your tokens with? That wallet is the wallet that has your mSand in it, you can send your mSand tokens from there.

hi, Thanks for helping me.
I’m sorry I am new to crypto and metaverse. I think metamask is connected with it. I’m not sure. But I have only one wallet that is metamask.
I have did some research on bridiging but I am getting this error “Your wallet is not yet supported by the Polygon Bridge for now. Please use Metamask. If you don’t have a Metamask wallet, you can still acquire Sand on Quickswap”, and am unable to bridge.

Do you have a wallet address you can share?

Have you also downloaded any other wallets other than MetaMask?

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0x84d30ec1d815d044501798b56c63e84b73f4c24e, it has the mSand
0xc4A31D536898DcAA195110277894B84C308e72B9, this is my metamask address
No I have not tried other wallets.

Can you send the screenshot of the problem you encounter? Because the problem you encounter cannot be accurately defined through the description, we need the screenshot to further confirm the real reason. Thank you!

How do I transfer my mSand

To my metamask wallet so that I can transfer it to my bank account.

Please add polygon chain in metamask,

Uploading: image.png…

I have added the polygon chain in the wallet but it shows 0 balance

Uploading: image.png…

There are 120 sans in the wallet you provided

I appreciate you helping me. I can see all the tokens and also stake them in the sandbox but my problem is that I cannot transfer these sands to my wallet, so that I can further transfer to my bank account
Can you please guide me how can I transfer the sand to a wallet

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On Youtube there is a guide from SANDBOX on how you can transfer your SAND to Metamask. I can’t post a link, but if you go to Youtube and search for “The sandbox - How to bridge SAND on Polygon” the hole process is showed there.

It also says you need around 0.08 ETH in your wallet to gas fees for bridge and transfer.

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I have tried this, I removed the token and added it again but it still giving the error " Your wallet is not yet supported by the Polygon Bridge for now. Please use Metamask. If you don’t have a Metamask wallet, you can still acquire Sand on Quickswap”. The it is not showing the bridge option.

What wallet have you connected to Sandbox with?

I am using metamask,

Weird :thinking:

I would contact the Sandbox team and let them know you are seeing this error even though you are connected with MetaMask.

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@yoohookitten try a different browser :wink:

I’ll try firefox, if that doesn’t work I will contact the support.
Thabk you so much for helping

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