SAND not showing on MetaMask wallet

I have Sand staked on the Sandbox site thru Metamask…polygon. I did set up the polygon network. The staked tokens do show up on the Sandbox website…but don’t show up on metamask account…which I created as separate account on polygon net.
wondering why they don;t show up on metamsk

Hey @nunzi4512, if your SAND is staked on Sandbox, then the tokens will not show up on your MetaMask wallet because they are now staked in a smart contract address, not your wallet address.

Hello again Winnie…another issue…I just send AGIX tokens to my metamask wallet…they don’t show up on the dsktop metamask wallet account, but they do show up on zapper…I am using zapper at yur suggestion…thanks…(without zapper I would be worried)… since they’re not showing up in the MM wallet…I can’t get verified on Nunet as holding 2500 tokens…which wouold qualify me for AGIX air drops…
what to do?

Are your AGIX tokens also staked somewhere? If so, then they will not show up on your MM wallet, but will show up on Zapper because it also tracks all your tokens staked on other platforms.

Please also make sure you have added AGIX as a custom token.

no…they are not staked…they just need to be onMM… and verifed by NUNET in order to be eligible for the airdrop. Zapper shows that they are there…but MM does not…and I assume that NUNET sees my MM and therefor told me that I was not elgible

Have you added the correct contract address for the AGIX token? Are you also on the correct network the token is on?

If the problem still continues, would you be able to send your wallet address? That would provide more helpful information.

wallet address; 0x602abaF68113B0f13938bC78d1D161AB3BABC543

I just checked ether scan and it shows that there are 3618 tokens

actually my MM wallet shows .0000003618 AGIX…but there are 3618

Looks like it’s just an issue with importing the token. Try going on CoinGecko and clicking on the MetaMask logo to add it from there :point_down:

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i appreciate your help !!

My metamask Account 1…where I sent the AGIX…assets…shows…AGIX .0000003618

Zapper & ether scan both show 3618 AGIX tokens which is what its supposed to show… maybe it will adjust overnight

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When the decimal places are off like in this case, it usually is an issue with importing of the tokens. Try importing the token through various ways like directly importing from the contract address or using a service like CoinGecko :slight_smile:

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Cool…I did what you said…went to coingecko…imported the AGIX and it corrected the issue…
thanks so much !!


@nakedwinnie is dropping the knowledge on us! Never know I’d be learning so much from a naked mole rat - what a time to be alive :joy:

Thanks for sharing this - easy to follow.

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