Transferred ETH from metamask to ronin without using the marketplace bridge i found the solution but there was an unknown transaction sendind my ETH to another address

hi guys! big problems here. so i wanted to transfer 0.5 ETH from my metamask to my ronin account i forgot to use the marketplace bridge and i know that usually the only thing you have to do is to import your ronin acc address to metamask and your ETH will appear 0x70464fa84eadbce6c454969caceed78c25d49826f968240534f94e49a8f2c7a2 (that was my transaction). that was not the case as i saw an unauthorized transfer from my ronin address to an unknown address 0x237727f8c482f12a0252395db2fd071f717b1f1a (the unknown address)
0xc4718b0eca2745ca2507ef7cd839b5ddde418702bf4d26bef924271a316b5d20 (the unauthorized transaction)
WTF happened there? nobody has access to my accounts except me.
PLZ try to help guys… that 0.5 was important for the livelihood of my 2 new scholars… thank you in advance.

Hi, I exactly the same issue to the same destination account and I do not know what to do with it ? I still don’t have my ETH ;/

Hi again. Clipboard is supposed to replace things you copied right? My ETH arrived at my ronin wallet and then was transferred to the unknown address according to etherscan.

Στις Δευτέρα, 16 Αυγούστου 2021, ο χρήστης Genny Bruce via MetaMask <> έγραψε:

Anyone tried to help you? Metamask support told me it must have been a clipboard virus but it was not. I can still see our ETH in that address though. Wtf knows what happened. Let’s hope that someone will actually help us and we will get an answer…