Transferred SNX from Binance to Metamask by BEP - 20. Cannot see my tokens

Dear Team,
I transferred snx coins from binance to my meta mask wallet. I have added custom BSC network and I am still not able to see my token.

As per bscscan it states that it was a success and the token were transferred. Please assist and advise. I have added custom RPC of Binance Smart Chain

Images attached.

Hi asodhani you added SNX must added Binance-Peg Synthetix Network Token
Contract address is: 0x9ac983826058b8a9c7aa1c9171441191232e8404 :point_down:

Add Token - select Custom Token and add Token Contract Address… :point_down:

Thanks Heaps. Can see now.

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I have a further question. I am trying to swap the SNX token to BUSD.

When I am trying to do that the rate seems to be incorrect. As it is currently USD $19 but if you look at the conversion rate it is incorrect.

I simply just want to move my coins back to Binance but I am unable to do the same.

Any help is appreciated.


Sorry man i not use this swap function :upside_down_face: not know where is the problem

My problem is the same of you , conversion rate SNX/usdt is much lower than market price. you find any explanation? tks