Transferring a token to the NULL address

Rarible and OpenSea have blocked transferring a token to the NULL address and they refuse to talk about it or answer any questions… If i transfer a token from within the MetaMask app to the NULL address is it equal to burning a token and will it reflect on Rarible and OpenSea ?? Thanks!!

Hey @officialchaos,

Why are you attempting to send tokens to the null address? You will not be able to recover these tokens once they are sent. It’s likely that Rarible and OpenSea are preventing this so you don’t lose your tokens.

I was attempting to Burn the tokens at a cheaper price then through Rarible/OpenSea…

Can I get an answer to the question… still need an answer – and seems this has been closed without a reply…

It’s likely that they have blocked this address. You will need to contact their customer support for further assistance.