Rejected transfers

I have ben trying to transfer ETH to my Metamask account to use for Opensea NFT sales and both Binance and Buda wallets are rejecting the transfers because of security risk. I havent been able to get any answers on the reason for rejection but it is quite frustrating since I cant put in gas to activate my account even though I have been trying for the past several days. Any idea why this can happen?

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This sounds like an issue on the sending wallets’ end. Make sure that you’re correctly copying and pasting your MetaMask address/account, but you will need to contact the sending wallets’ customer support for assistance.

It has happened with 2 different wallets and i even asked a friendo to it from his wallet. Every time it has been rejected.
Can ai create a new metamask and linknit to opensea?
What options do i have?

For your privacy & security, and so we can investigate this further, I’ve opened a support ticket for you. Would you please reply via email with the public address you’re trying to send to?

Thank you