Trezor Model T with Metamask

I’d super appreciate some clarity and confirmation on this:
(1)When you connect your Trezor to Metamask your coins only actually become connected to the Trezor if you send them from your Metamask account to the new Trezor account. Is this right?
(2) If I’m right about question#1, then do i need to create 3 separate Trezor accounts in order to send my various coins on the 3 different networks (Ethereum Mainnet, BSC Mainnet & Harmony Mainnet)?
(3) If I’m right about question #1 and #2, if I don’t send each coin to its own new Trezor wallet, can I instead use the Trezor in a 2-factor-authorization capacity whereby my coins stay in their respective Metamask network wallets but none of the coins can be sent/transferred unless the Trezor is attached and confirmation is made on it before transfer?

Many thanks in advance for any guidance.


Your Trezor has its own accounts that are different from your default wallet accounts. When you connect your Trezor, you’ll be prompted to import these.

When you connect to a custom network, the same account addresses will be available that you have on the equivalent network.

I don’t quite understand the rest of your question.