Working off of my Tresor Model T

I use MetaMask to purchase various tokens and my MetaMask wallet is actually connected to my Trezor Model T. Does that mean that all my tokens there are actually on the Trezor vs the default MetaMask account and when I trade via MetaMask, it’s actually buying from and selling to my Tresor wallet? Thanks for confirming. I’m new to all this (clearly :sweat_smile:)

Hi there,

Great question!

When you connect a hardware wallet (i.e. a Trezor or Ledger wallet) to your MetaMask wallet, this does NOT import, connect, or associate your MetaMask addresses/accounts to your hardware wallet in any way.

Connecting a hardware wallet simply allows you to use MetaMask as a UI for the hardware wallet and connect your hardware wallet address/account to web3 sites.

So, the tokens you’ve purchased are only associated with the address/account to which they were sent. If that is a MetaMask address/account, then they are not associated with your Trezor wallet.

Thank you for replying.

In the first picture, you will see that my hardware wallet is always selected, and in the second picture, is what I supposedly have on my hardware wallet. When I purchased AXN, it was added to MetaMask while connected to my Tresor account and as such is now stored on my Trezor. Is this accurate?

At the same time, I also did a test as well where I tried to send out something from MetaMask and it wouldn’t let me do it unless I connected my Tresor and allowed the transaction from the Tresor itself.

I wanted to confirm that everything I add to my MetaMask while connected to my Tresor account is actually ON my Tresor and the MetaMask UI is simply letting me interact with it.

Thanks again for clarifying.

If the second screenshot you posted is from an address/account associated with your Trezor wallet, then yes, your AXN tokens are stored in your Trezor hardware wallet.

You can also confirm that by searching for your Trezor account/address on and viewing your token balance there.

In the centre top of your MetaMask wallet window, you’ll see a portion of your address/account listed. If the address/account associated with your Trezor wallet displays there, then you are interacting with it via your MetaMask wallet.

Hi reading though this stream,
I would like to ask, why one would
Need MetaMask, when one has Trevor?
Or can I transact directly from Binance to Tresor.
And while coins are on Tresor, they are still subjected to market volatility, correct?
And can I put a StopLoss while
Coins are in Tresor or do I have to transfer them Back into BNC?
Thank you for your advice