Migrating MetaMask Wallet to Trezor Model T

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I’m following the directions to migrate a MetaMask wallet to my new Trezor Model T using the Recover Wallet option via the Trezor Suite. However, when I try to type my first seed word (for MetaMask, I assume, since this is the wallet I’m migrating), after the second letter, the Trezor grays out the correct keypad that contains my third letter, so I cannot select the correct keypad to complete the first word.

Again, I assume, since I’m migrating my MetaMask wallet, the seed words that I need to enter on the Trezor are the seed words from MetaMask. Is that correct?



Did you get a SRP from Trezor? In Trezor, you’d enter your Trezor Secret Recovery Phrase. In MetaMask, you’d enter MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase. You do not want to import your MetaMask SRP to a Hardware Wallet.

Check out this video. -

Also see this MetaMask Knowledge Base article:


But I’m trying to migrate my MM wallet to the Trezor via seed words. After the migration is complete (after I enter all 12 seed words), the account ID should be the same as my MM account ID, after which I can delete MM, then install a brand new MM with new seed words to use as my dummy MM for accessing the Trezor. Does this all sound correct?



Your Trezor is seperate from your MetaMask. You don’t want to migrate your MetaMask into Trezor. Think of Trezor as it’s own, seperate wallet.

This is a snippet out of the article I shared which may help :slight_smile: Let us know what other questions you have!


Um…yes I do. That’s my point. I DO want to migrate my MM wallet to my Trezor cold storage wallet.


The Trezor Suite has a Recover Wallet option for migrating wallets to cold storage.

What is the next best option for moving everything in my MM wallet to my Trezor?



I think the confusion is you’re saying you want to migrate your MetaMask, when you mean you want to migrate your tokens. You should not import your MetaMask seed phrase into a wallet. Since Trezor is a different cold storage wallet and MetaMask is a different hot storage wallet, you can’t migrate your MetaMask wallet into your Trezor. A new Trezor address with a new seed phrase must be used, and to transfer your tokens from your MetaMask wallet to your new Trezor wallet you would have to send those tokens to your new Trezor wallet address. The Recover Wallet option is for recovering other Trezor wallet’s that you have the seed phrase for, not for other MetaMask wallets.

You only would log into MetaMask with your MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP) provided by MM.

Trezor Secret Recovery Phrase would be used on Trezor device itself - you wouldn’t want to ever put this SRP anywhere on the internet (including in your MetaMask as it lives on the internet), this way it’s always secure and offline. Only input the Secret Recovery Phrase for Trezor on the device itself.

Please note that passphrases and Secret Recovery Phrases are two different things (as outlined in the video).

Did you watch the video? It’s from Ledger and very helpful. You can start at 1min 29 seconds. As noted in the video, research using a passphrase if you use that option. The video shows the difference between using a passphrase and not using a passphrase. Again, a passphrase is different from your seed phrase/Secret Recovery Phrase.

Along with the video, please read this article where it starts with “How to use MetaMask with Trezor.”


I’ve also seen several vids that show how to migrate from MM to Trezor like I’m trying to do. Go to YouTube and search for:

EP01 - Trezor One Migration with PapahBoehner & HEXtrovert | Ty


Migrate a MetaMask To a Trezor Hardware Wallet


Using your MetaMask seed phrase (Secret Recovery Phrase) on a hardware wallet can put your hardware wallet at risk. If your original MetaMask seed phrase (Secret Recovery Phrase) is compromised ever, then whoever has it can also access your hardware wallet assets. This is why you wouldn’t want to ever use the MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase in a hardware wallet. Make sure to safely store your Secret Recovery Phrases (seed phrases) separately offline.

The videos and articles I provided are directly from Trezor and MetaMask. While you’re sharing other options, I can only share what is safest practice for users. There is a forum for Trezor if you’d like to ask there: https://forum.trezor.io/

Safest action is always only use your Trezor SRP (secret recovery phrase/seed phrase) on the device itself only.

One note on security, it’s also good practice when posting on forums, YouTube channels, etc, to do from anon accounts. This way someone cannot link your identity to you and try to make you a victim of social engineering. Just throwing this out there, because we want everyone to be safe.


As I understand it, this is the reason why people migrate from MM and then remove their hot MM account - so it cannot be accessed online. They create a new “dummy” MM account to access the migrated account on the cold wallet.

Another reason is that the MM account can be associated with a sacrifice and future airdrop.


I got it! I wasn’t tapping the keypads fast enough to get to the correct letter.

I’m good!


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