Unable to connect MetaMask wallet to Ledger

Issue: Google, as of version 91 of Chrome, has pulled support for U2F connections that we use to interact with Ledger devices.

We are working on releasing a hotfix ASAP and will update here when we do so.

Alert to Ledger users! Chrome 91 breaks our support. MetaMask 9.5.6 will bring a workaround, coming asap. If you update Chrome before then, you’ll need to use another browser like Firefox or Edge to connect your Ledger to MetaMask.

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It doesn’t look like a Chrome error as I’m getting exactly the same error in FireFox as well:

This is causing me a major issue - @bharmon is this likely to be resolved within mins or hours?

I’ve testing on:
Chrome (Mac and Windows)
Firefox (Mac)
Edge (Windows)

Same error as above in all browsers

If your issue is happening on multiple platforms, it isn’t the problem we’re describing, although the workaround release we’re working on should also give you another more reliable way to connect your Ledger via the “Ledger Live” app.

We’re hoping to have that out by the end of the week. If your needs are more urgent than that, a few other workarounds:

  • Use another web3 wallet with Ledger support (Brave, Frame.sh).
  • Load your ledger seed phrase or account private key into MetaMask directly (compromises security a bit).
  • Use the Ledger Live app to transfer the needed assets to a “hot” MetaMask account for using without a hardware wallet.

This was an absolute pain to fix. I had the same issue as my Mac auto-update overnight updated chrome. Other apps weren’t helpful for my use case as the site I wished to use to interact with contracts only worked with metamask.

You need to install the previous version of Chrome (90) AND ‘disable’ chrome updates, otherwise it will update to the latest version. I put ‘disable’ in quotes because there is no setting for this. What you need to do is remove its permissions to the folders where it can update.

If you just want to follow some instructions to get it working on Mac:

  1. Prevent Chrome from updating by running these commands. I got them from this stack overflow post if you want to see more: macos - How to disable Google Chrome auto update for MAC OS? - Stack Overflow
sudo rm -rf /Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate/*
rm -rf ~/Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate/*
cd /Library/Google/
sudo chown nobody:nogroup GoogleSoftwareUpdate
sudo chmod 000 GoogleSoftwareUpdate
cd ~/Library/Google/
sudo chown nobody:nogroup GoogleSoftwareUpdate
sudo chmod 000 GoogleSoftwareUpdate
cd /Library/
sudo chown nobody:nogroup Google
sudo chmod 000 Google
cd ~/Library/
sudo chown nobody:nogroup Google
sudo chmod 000 Google
  1. Make a new user account to install the older chrome version on, switch to this account

  2. Download the older chrome version (any of the 90 or below) from here: Google Chrome old versions - Mac

  3. Install chrome, double check it hasn’t updated to 91 or more by going to top right menu → help → about google chrome. Make sure it says 'Update failed (error: 11) and that the version is the one you installed

  4. Install metamask from chrome store and enjoy.

Hope this helps


Hey. Thanks for this workaround.

Is it safe to downgrade Google Chrome? As we know every update increases security. By downgrading the Chrome the security might be compromised.

It’s very important when it comes to Ledger - we don’t want any potential security issues or hacking

This is working for me in Firefox v88.0.1 but definitely not working in Chrome Version 91.0.4472.77 (Official Build) (x86_64). Both of the aforementioned are on a MacBook Pro running Big Sur 11.4.

So you don’t think this is linked to me getting this error “Failed to sign with Ledger device: U2F DEVICE_INELIGIBLE” when trying to execute transactions on third party defi apps? It was when my ledger wasn’t working/broadcasting my confirmation transactions to my ledger in these apps that I ultimate tried removing my ledger account from Meta mask as a troubshooting step. Then I got hit with the error described in the ticket.

Also, is there any update on ETA as my funds are stuck currently? Thanks.

This is not an option…

to enable Ledger Live support w/MetaMask enable Settings > Advanced > Use Ledger Live

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I was getting that exact same error last night when trying to approve a withdraw from AAVE! It was driving me crazy!

I have seen this solution in multiple posts. Is this the fix for the Chrome/Brave issue? I also have no option of ‘Use Ledger Live’ in Settings > Advanced using the latest version.

Getting the issue on multiple platforms as well. Unclear what the problem is… if it’s all browsers then it means macos or metamask is the culprit, imo.

seems to be working on firefox 88.0.1 macos but not Edge. Also, no option within metamask to use ledger live… Please fix, not all wallet extensions are avail on Firefox.

You can download the last version for brave that is on Chromium v90 at: Release Release v1.24.85 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub
There is no issue in that version


NOTHING works. Brave, Firefox, Chrome. NOTHING. Please FIX THIS ASAP.

I FINALLY got it to work with BRAVE and the latest MetaMask!

I’ve been following advice on this thread, and in the process of adding MetaMask extension to Brave I was phished and provided my keys to third party hacker. Luckily I noticed what was going on eventually after failing to add, the website was metamask-io instead of metamask.io but looked pretty legit. Painful admin now to update my entire portfolio and move stuff around, if only I could access my hardware wallet. Please keep me posted on this, I urgently need the security of my new wallet.

Any news on this? I only use my Ledger with Chrome, so I’m completely locked out at the moment and have been for days. Will definitely be looking for alternatives to MetaMask and/or Chrome after this incident.