Unable to do new transactions

Hi all!

Here is my problem: I tried redeeming the Ape Gang Toucan. I had more than enough ETH for gas fees and proceeded to confirm the transaction. BUT transaction failed, funds disappeared and from that point onward i’m unable to do any sort of transaction anywhere.

Basically, since that transaction failed when i try to do any other operation, MetaMask extension tells me there is 0 ETH available, but account status says otherwise. But, even if in the transaction shows there is 0 ETH, it stills lets me confirm the transaction and it goes through. But when checking the new transaction in my activity, the transaction keeps on pending forever. And after checking the details of the neverending transactions, it says that the total for the operation was 0 ETH and 0 GAS fees.

So basically my account is completely blocked, and I’m unable to do any sort of transaction even if there are enough funds and I set the gas fee limit to max. Always showing there are no available funds when there are.

Please HELP! Need to unblock my account!

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Welcome to the MetaMask Community @MEDALS! :fox_face: :rocket:

Sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having. This issue is going to take a bit of digging into. For privacy & security purposes, I’ve created a support ticket for you. Please respond to the automated email you receive with the transaction hash and your public address.

Thank you for your patience!


Alright many thanks.

I think I have a hinch that the main issue is the transaction that was created that was worth 0ETH 0GAS fees, as its pending indifinitely and im unable to cancel it, as if it was “unexistent”.

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