Unable to retrieve data

I successfully bought an egg and tried to placed it in incubator. Upon opening it, it takes a couple of minutes then it fires an error “Session Timeout”, so I tried to refresh my page in My Defi Pet by KardiaChain. In a minute, it fires an error “Unable to retrieve data. Please refresh to try again or contact our support.” I tried to refresh my browser several times to got a luck. Unfortunately, same error upon refreshing.
I would be glad if you could help me on this.
Thanks so much.

Hi! I’ve also experienced the same problem. I would like to ask if you have solved the problem already. Thank you!

This issue is also happening on my end right now. Bought an egg in the store, the amount was deducted in my DPET, but was not able to break the egg because of the unable to retrieve data error. I’m using BSC Chain BTW. Done clearing cache in my browser as well.

Same goes with me. Can DPET check on this? Bought an egg in the store, the amount was deducted but unable to log in due to the same error

I’m experiencing the same problem. I cleaned my cache, changed my browser and the problem continues