Unauthorized : api key expired

Hi, im trying to put up a nft for sale but when i click complete listing i get this error : unauthorized api key expired. i have been trying to list it for a few days and canceled every time because gas is always too high. Can this be whats causing this issue? how to fix it please?

Hey @daluci, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Is this error showing up on the platform you are trying to put up your nft for sale, or is it showing up on MetaMask? If it is showing up on the platform than it is an error related to them and I would suggest contacting their team.

If it is showing up on MetaMask, can you explain the steps you took to get to the error? Maybe also some screenshots?


Good question actualy. Not sure. When clicking complete listing normally the metamask window pops up with the amount and the option cancel or confirm. Now that window doesnt come but instead a black bar with that error comes on my screen. So im not sure if that error notification is being send from opensea or metamask…

Seems like it’s from OpenSea. Would you be able to send a screenshot?

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