USDT appears in Etherscan, but not in MM wallet

I sent some USDT from Bybit to my MM wallet but the correct balance doesn’t appear in my MM wallet. But it does appear when I click the tiny ‘Portfolio site’ on MM. On Etherscan, the transaction appears successful, & the correct balance is shown. TXID: 0x8109c89b7ed47dad67fb20435ef66f3bd1e34b0633293d181b88005a13502eda
My MM wallet: 0xA965f78b0Bd999D3Ba9872C5070DCD772CaaaB67
Please help.

Hi @StephenBrady try this:

Before proceeding, make sure that you have your Secret Recovery Phrase backed up in a safe place.

Or try removing the token:

and add USDT again using coingecko web :point_down: by clicking on the fox icon :fox_face:


Thank you so much. I hid the USDT token several times on my MM wallet, & then added it several times from the coinmarketcap website by clicking the little MM icon, but no luck. I just now did the same thing with the CoinGecko website, & it worked perfectly. Same coin address, but different results. Thanks again.


Yeah super :smile: :+1: CoinGecko is sometimes better.


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