USDT lost in metamask

Same problem with me.

My USTD is lost

I didn’t share my secrets words with someone and I didn’t click in suspected link or connected my wallet in unknow site.

In my metamask wallet this is out transactions of my tokens.

I can see only in bscan the stolen transactions


Any help?

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What type of help do you want? It is no longer possible to recover the assets.

I am sorry but when stolen yours assets the only solution is go to the police or investigation to find the cybercriminals, sometimes live with you.

I just experienced a similar occurrence. I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it but here’s my proof! There is something fishy going on!!

That’s what I woke up to!!!

I don’t know how this happened? I was literally sleep at the time the transaction was initiated?

What’s weird about hot wallet assets being stolen. Even cold wallets that only use seed phrases have been brute-forced.

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