USDT matic transfer to bybit problem


I sent 500USDT to bybit from my MetaMask matic contract. Bybit address was matic too. Unfortunately the coin didn;t arrived and from bybit support I got an answer that they dont accept USDT(POW).

It is posssible to recover them?

thank you


hi @Blanc81 , welcome to MetaMask community.
Specific to your situation, this does not mean that your funds have been completely lost. When Bybit opens polygon’s USDT deposit channel in the future, you still have a chance to get them back. But it all depends on when Bybit opens.
By the way, the USDT deposit channels supported by different CEXs are different. So be sure to check if they support the chain you use before you deposit.


Like tuya said, there is a chance in the future, but it’s not for sure, before that I suggest you can try to contact bybit and ask if they have a solution, as far as I know, there are some projects or exchanges that support depositing wrong addresses , but may be charged


Hello @Blanc81, welcome to MetaMask community!

In addition to what tuya and xf0707 mentioned, i’m noticing that the contract address of the USDT you interacted with seems to be a possible scam token. Be careful what you interact with.


Sorry but I don’t understand why it could be a scam. I`m not an expert in these issues, but I only try to send from a polygon MetaMask address to a matic bybit address. How could I handle these “back” contracts. If I dont recover my money back how to avoid to make same mistakes in future?..(see attached printscreen ).

The message from bybit is:
Upon checking with the relevant team, please note that you have deposited a different type of USDT. For your reference, here is the contract address of your deposit: USDT (PoW) ( Token Tracker | PolygonScan

The correct USDT contract address should be: Address 0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7 | PolygonScan

Could be a problem because the USDT was changed before ETH POS fork?

Thank you

hi, Polygon’s USDT is (PoS) Tether USD , it’s contract address is

Your deposited USDT is USDT(PoW) , it’s contract address is

My answer above didn’t realize that you deposited the wrong USDT. Your screenshot shows that bybit supports polygon’s USDT deposit.

In addition, it can also be seen from your transfer records that they are different USDT.

Usually we can search for USDT in coingecko to see the contract addresses of different chains.


and…any idea to recover them?

Sorry, I’m afraid not. :disappointed_relieved: see if anyone else has a solution.

In short,

  1. Before exchanging tokens, we can check the contract address on coingecko to avoid buying the wrong tokens.
  2. Before transferring tokens to an exchange, make sure it supports the chain you are using.

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