Velo scam token

My issue is i received 150 000 tokens of Velo currency from unknown source. Tried to make research, swap it but it’s locked, was amazed by it cause it showed 5 million usd in my portfolio. I went to velochain,io/# which it provided to check, cause token needs to be unlocked. I tried to unlock it, i had no gas fee, then went to twitter and read it is an airdrop scam.

Can they connet to my wallet via that and set my account to 0?

Tried to send this token back to adress which i got it from, but it was cancelled.
How can i remove this token or unlock within my metamask so it’s not displayed? I use app for token tracking and only there i saw i got it, haven’t seen it normally on metamask.
Already wrote to support, but after seeing it may take 7 days for reply i had suggestion mail to try get help here and i am counting on you.

Velo company talking about this scam - twitter,com/veloprotocol/status/1418611996090462208

Changed dot’s in link to the , cause i couldn’t post it. I do it because i also want to warn you about this scam.