Wallet Activity - 13 in queue - going nowhere


I’ve tried to mint several NFTs on rarible - it has gone nowhere.

The latest mint I paid $60 in gas fees hoping that would make sure of it, but nothing.

When I click to view each transaction on etherscan, every single one says:

“Sorry. We are unable to locate this TxnHash”

The first mint in the queue was done over 3 weeks ago and I’ve probably paid over $100 in gas fees.

What is going on?

Can somebody please help!

Hi @2polar Welcome to the Metamask community.
Sorry to hear about your troubles. Are you still having issues with this?
Considering you have multiple pending transactions in the queue, you may need to start from clearing out the oldest in the queue to the latest. This article should be helpful to you to clear up all the pending transactions.

If you need further assistance, please open a support ticket here with your transaction and public address details Submit a request – MetaMask
Be aware of scammers and not share your seed phrase.