Rarible and metamask nft minting

I HAVE RECEIVED NO ASSISTANCE FROM METAMASK ON A RARRIBLE TRANSACTION NOT GOING THROUGH. Please advise what I can do to make this go through and prevent it from happening again? I have now aimed to cancel it and it is also not working. I am working from a laptop with mobile hotspot (metamask app does not work on my phone). Wou;ld appreciate if anyone has any tips or where to find optimum gas fees etc? No idea what I’m doing wrong and getting no response from Metamask or Rarible

Hey @LGG711

If you check on Etherscan, does it show that stuck transaction as failed? If so, you’ll need to follow these steps:


Hi Jacob

This it what it says

Can you please let me know how I can avoid this and have optimum workage of metamask without paying high fees?


Hi @LGG711 , you just need to follow the steps in that previous link I posted.

Thanks your link was related to resetting the account

My question was - how to optomize gas fees. Whilst there are some links below in the link - they don’t really answer the question of how I can avoid paying for a transaction and then not actually minting anything

Can you assist with what I did wrong for that please?