Wallet with user entitlements

Adding Admin and User entitlements where a user can log in to the wallet with a certain role to perform certain actions on the wallet. This can be helpful in many ways to prevent accidental or unwanted use of specific accounts when using the wallet.

Example Roles

Admin – Full control rights to the wallet to change / update any features and manage users with specific entitlements. Can be used for wallet maintenance.

Managed Users

Standard user – These user(s) will have access to specific Accounts and features specified by the Admin. The entitlements can be specified to be as strong as the Admin if the admin chooses to do so for specific accounts within the wallet.

Possible Entitlements for Standard Users

Seed admin role– A specific admin user that can access the seed phrase of only the accounts the standard user is permitted to have. This allows for the ‘Standard user’ to be configured with the ability to have access to all the wallet features EXCEPT access to the private key of that Account in the wallet.

View only Role – This entitlement will allow the standard user have view only access to the account(s) in the wallet. This will allow for the ability to connect a wallet to a DAPP without the ability to transact, just view.

• example to see a specific staked asset for monitoring purposes only.
• Connecting to a new and unexplored dapp

Just some thoughts…