Warning - Do not use Multichain

Multichain does not work and you should not use it or you will lose your coins. I lost 1.158 wrapped eth using Multichain bridge to swap from polygon network to etherium network in MetaMask.

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What site did you use is the question?


Hi, I used site; [Multichain - Cross Chain Router Protocol] (it’s not allowed to put link) connect my wallet, the confirmation of transaction was endless - 1 hour and 40 minutes, then I realized that something is wrong, went to check, disconnected imidiately my wallet but it was too late. My ETH was gone. Now I learned that Multichain stopped working because CEO Zhaojun and his sister were arrested by Chinese police in middle of July. They write on Twitter the situation, followed by sending this to theirs users, but the rest (including me) didn’t know. I made transaction on August 4th. It is stuck somewhere or some scammer got it.

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