What are 1USDT,1USCD, 1ETH? (1usdt vs usdt?)

  1. I swap One in openocean and received 1USDT in MetaMask Harmony mainnet.
    what is 1USDT?

  2. then I transferred 1USDT from MetaMask Harmony mainnet to my kucoin account(ERC20) and have not recieved it, have I lost it permanetly?

I tried the same with 1ETH and havent received in my kucoin!

The 1usdt you mentioned is a stable token of harmony, but it has been stolen by hackers in recent days, resulting in the disconnection of the anchor. In addition, when transferring money, you need to carefully check the address, chain and currency. You can only transfer usdt to kucoin, not 1usdt. At the same time, because you choose the ETH chain, you also need to transfer it out of the usdt of the ETH chain when transferring money.


Thanks for your reply.
So is 1usdt which i have in MetaMask usable?
(As you mentioned harmony was attacked by hackers.)

Where and how can I change 1usdt to usdt?


Not yet, i dont know how to change 1usdt or 1eth to usdt or eth.

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