What does NEXO need to do for retrieval? I have lost a large sum of USDT by sending it via AVAX C-chain to my NEXO account that only uses ETHER network

Can you help me please?
I sent a large sum of USDT via AVAX C-chain from Metamask to my NEXO account which only uses ETHER network. The transfer was successful but the USDT never showed up in my NEXO account wallet for USDT because NEXO only makes that wallet compatible with ETHER network.

NEXO might claim they “can’t retrieve them”, but no matter what they say it IS possible for them to retrieve the USDT, right? What would NEXO technically need to do to retrieve these USDT coins?

Hello, theoretically, the addresses of all EVM chains are compatible. If you transfer the tokens of avax-c chain to the address of eth chain, you can ask the other party to help you deal with it and return your tokens. Of course, this requires patient communication, because it is not the other party’s fault. They may increase their workload for helping you deal with the return of tokens, so please be more patient. Since the error has occurred, Keep a calm and patient mood to communicate with each other and look forward to good luck. :face_with_peeking_eye:


Hi @no_need_for_name,

I’m sure you recognise my post, sorry for piggybacking off of your original, great to see you managed to recover the funds - as you can see, I am in a very simpler position.
NEXO are saying they are unable to help me, but looking at your situation and others, it does seem possible to recover the funds.

Would you have you any additional info / advise that I could maybe use to help NEXO recover my funds


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