What is a "deposit hash"?

What is a “deposit hash” ?
I thought a recipient adress for a transaction was the deposit hash,
but appearently its not.
So when i sent a value, e.g. ETH (erc-20) to a bsc address at an
exchange ( changenow.'io ) and nothing returns, what can i do
when the nice support team at the exchange request a so called
“deposit hash” ?
They already possess the etherscan-Txn-link, their own
Txn.-ID. and my wallet address .
But they keep demanding a “deposit hash” .
I don’t know what that is nor where to find it . :man_shrugging:
Do they mean the token-address within my MM-wallet ?
Thanks in advance :pray: :slight_smile:

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Hi @WiFox they probably want a transaction ID (transaction hash) :point_down: transaction information

Thanks Luigi :slight_smile: ,
but i already provided them with all those numbers and ID.
So i’m confused :man_shrugging:.
Don’t know what they mean and what to do now :thinking: :face_exhaling: .

Hmm :thinking: I have to look at the page changenow.io :smile:

Yeah :slightly_smiling_face: I see here :point_up_2: deposit hash

Maybe they want an Exchange ID :upside_down_face:

Transaction id :smile: should suffice…

Hey thanks again ! :slightly_smiling_face:
Yeah, maybe the mean the Transaction-ID :man_shrugging:, which i did provide to them .
Well, its been 3 days now since my ETH (BNB) are stuck .

Looks a bit different on my end - there’s no Exchange Id :confused: .

OH 1026 $ gone :see_no_evil: annoy them :slightly_smiling_face: it’s at their ETH address.
They must return your ETH :slightly_smiling_face:


Sooo, finally i know what a “deposit hash” is ! :slight_smile:
Its the specific Transaction-Hash (0x+64alpanumerical (i.e. hexdecimal) digits)
they kept asking for,
which, as i said, had already provided them with.
However, they are now eledgedly trying to reverse the transaction on the
original network.

Appearently i had selected the wrong ETH network on changenow.'io ,

i.e. i sent
ETH(erc20) to ETHbsc (bep20) on changenow.'io
to then be swapped to BNB bsc (bep20) .

But it must have been
ETH (erc20) to ETH(erc20) on changenow.'io,
to then be swapped to BNBbsc(bep20) .

All my bad,
although there could and should be a large warning and
explaination for these kind of convertions on any exchange.

All the different kinds of non-syschronized networks and their incapatability with eachother really cause a huge
confusion and chaos in the crypto world.

Plus there really needs to be more awareness generated on
how, why, and when to use certain tools and technologies like wrapped coins,
bridges etc. .
Most people entering the space have no clue how to deal with all these different
For mass adoption around world the crypto-developers really need to find commongrounds to design the functionality of interchanging
crypto-currencies and items way safer and riskless than it is now.
There needs to be way more comprehensable educational instructions
on each and every site and platform.
Just YT and specific forums aren’t enough - just my opinion :wink: .
Still, thanks for this community and your envolvement in crypto :slight_smile: .
Cheers :slight_smile:


Yeah :slightly_smiling_face: you used Ethereum Mainnet and you has chosen a BSC network for swap.
YES it’s a little chaos :smile: many networks… I hope they give it back to you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, guess what ! v:slight_smile:
Got my ETH(erc20) back today!
Maaaan, i thought they were gone
and i got scammed.
But changenow.'io do seem to be trustable after all, at least so far,
i mean i just started using them.
From what they make money … i dont know :man_shrugging:
Cheers !
Have a nice one, everyone :slight_smile:


I glad it turned out well :smiley:

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