What is the contract address of BNB on bsc network

Hi, I just reinstalled my metamask, and I have some wird thing happening. on the main page of my metamask (bsc chain) I it is written I have “X” ethereum, it doesn’t correpond to my bnb number but when I divide X by the number of bnb I have on the wallet , it seems to give me the the current price of ethereum… wird. I tried to find the contract address of bnb on bsc scam to add a “custom jeton” as I have done with my other coins but I don’t find the bnb contract address… (not wbnb) help ?

Also on bscscan how do you explain that you dont find the usdt address ( i found it but not on bscscan…)?

changed the network settings… and it worked :wink: I think the first datas I used had a mistake somewhere .
still one question about the usdt address on bsscan ? why we don’t see it there ? cheers to all

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You can find the contract address of BUSD-T on BscScan here.