What is the method to be able to use the mobile metamask app as a support for mobile chrome?

So this one is incredibly hard to search for because it returns so many generic posts about how to install MetaMask on a chrome browser and various other things.

My query is about many dapps now being able to function in chrome mobile browser using the MetaMask mobile app as a sidekick. So the user in chrome can essentially connect their wallet and complete purchases in chrome.

An example would be the AltSignals presale, where hitting the connectButton in a mobile chrome browser will open the MetaMask app and prompt the connection. When the connection is complete, MetaMask will send you back to chrome where you’ll be able to continue there.

I know people could just use the website/dapp directly through MM but in keeping accessibility there should still be functionality in the chrome mobile browser rather than having dead buttons that don’t do anything.


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