Where are my tokens?

Thank you for replying I’d also like to ask it says Please connect to Heco Network… I can’t see whats the problem

Hmm @Elijxh OK :smiley: next idea

Click Add Token - USDT HECO Token Contract Address:
You added this contract address?

OR download Huobi Wallet: https://www.huobiwallet.com/en/
and import ETH private key:

How to Export an Account Private Key:

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It says theres no convertion gas value I’d like to transfer it or convert it to other account or chage it into BSC etc. what do I need to do??

@Elijxh you need Huobi Token (HT) to pay for gas

How do I transfer it to other accounts or convert it into other exchange? do I really need to pay gas?

When I connected it to metamask the value of HT is still zero but I added the token then the amount was on USDT how to transfer it? it says gas price transaction insufficient balance… what to do?

@Elijxh you need :upside_down_face: Huobi Token (HT) at this ETH address:

YES :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi there. This transaction was on the BSC network, you can view the transaction on bscscan.com
After a quick glance on the transaction it seems that the funds were send to a contract address 0xcaf722e895fdc2900f740aff2313545a84c461b4
I’m not sure who manages this address.
Is there a reason you were sending funds to this address?

There’s no convertsion rate on meta mask for usdt… what do i do?

I need to recover them urgently

Hi Luigi,

I followed the instructions, i already import my ronin private key to my metamask, but still I can’t find my eth money. :frowning: October ls help me.

Thank you.

I accidentally send dpet token to dpet token address what should i do?