Where are my tokens?

Thank you for replying I’d also like to ask it says Please connect to Heco Network… I can’t see whats the problem

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Hmm @Elijxh OK :smiley: next idea

Click Add Token - USDT HECO Token Contract Address:
You added this contract address?

OR download Huobi Wallet: https://www.huobiwallet.com/en/
and import ETH private key:

How to Export an Account Private Key:


It says theres no convertion gas value I’d like to transfer it or convert it to other account or chage it into BSC etc. what do I need to do??

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@Elijxh you need Huobi Token (HT) to pay for gas

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How do I transfer it to other accounts or convert it into other exchange? do I really need to pay gas?

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When I connected it to metamask the value of HT is still zero but I added the token then the amount was on USDT how to transfer it? it says gas price transaction insufficient balance… what to do?

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@Elijxh you need :upside_down_face: Huobi Token (HT) at this ETH address:

YES :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi there. This transaction was on the BSC network, you can view the transaction on bscscan.com
After a quick glance on the transaction it seems that the funds were send to a contract address 0xcaf722e895fdc2900f740aff2313545a84c461b4
I’m not sure who manages this address.
Is there a reason you were sending funds to this address?

There’s no convertsion rate on meta mask for usdt… what do i do?

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I need to recover them urgently

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Hi Luigi,

I followed the instructions, i already import my ronin private key to my metamask, but still I can’t find my eth money. :frowning: October ls help me.

Thank you.


I accidentally send dpet token to dpet token address what should i do?


Help my token are unknown

this is my metamask wallet address:

and it should be sent to my Binance wallet:


Got this address instead:


me too! Doing nothing, then my ETH went to wrong address

From my metamask address:

TxHash: 0xba49ed13b366104ebf5dbb04c5d3302111b8cde3518e3bab097464dbee6edd95

Time stamp: Jul-26-2021 03:59:18 AM +UTC

To: 0x8682683b7eb849c8fda99fe4da048d9474d072f2

Value: 0.3083168932 Ether


Your problem solved? I met the same problem


This app is crap i have the same problem.

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Hi there i sent my weth through metamask on matic network directly on send not used any bridge to binance wallet and my founds gone from metamask and didnt arrived to binance wallet. Binance said they cant see this blockchain and check with metamask. Tx id is 0x18542d076fd9436465ab775882441433bc9dc6ef28fc5b51ff077dd78d9f7a57
Help me pls itd much for me 300+ usd …


Can someone help me find solution in this problem?
This is my transaction hash:

This is my wallet address: 0x6123Ce0f279a800423ebd7B46350902582120164
Issue: When I was swapping using metamask wallet my token ETH (bep20) to USDT (erc20) the transaction was successful. But I did not get any value in my metamask wallet, it is not seen anywhere. I also tried deleting and adding the ethereum network and binance network, its not working. I did not know that metamask wallet doesn’t support any transaction from bep20 to erc20 but my transaction goes through. When I click the token USDT this is the address (0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7) that it got sent when I preview my transaction hash.

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Hi, can someone help me solve this problem?
I already send my USDT to another address and it is already successful. But when I contact with the customer service, they said they did not received the payment even though it is already has been deducted from my MetaMask wallet.

Here is my transaction hash: