Where are my tokens?

Can you help me Sir please?
I sent usdt using different network from metamask bsc wallet to nexo wallet erc . and I didn’t receive the funds on Nexo wallet. when I contact with the customer service, they said they did not received, can it be returned?

How to solve this problem? please help me admin, I have sent email, but no response yet (Pending) My ticket#320301

Transaction Hash 0x28f49380667c3483bf7469775b2a186718b1ab65da8dae31ecb66fb1d4fa3ce6

this is my metamask wallet address:

and it should be sent to Nexo wallet:

can someone solve my problem? please

Hi Luigi, I had someone transfer Eth to my metamask account and in the account it says recieved but no eth showing up, I looked into etherscan and it showed the transaction as success. not sure who to get it to show in my matamask wallet. I am new to this.

would really apprecated your help