Why cant I see my ETH buy orders on my computer? Only on my phone

I have purchased ETH on the arbitrum network multiple times in the past on my phone, when I’m on my computer and go to my “view all orders” under the buy tab its empty.

Here is it on my phone -

Here it on my computer

hey, it’s normal, activity data will not sync.
You can view it on explorer. :cat:


Hi there,
Just like @tuya mentioned above the MetaMask mobile app and browser extension do not sync. If you do transactions on mobile, you will only see them on the mobile app activity tab. Same thing for the extension.
But you can always check all the transactions made to and from your account on each network’s blockchain explorer:

  • etherscan for the Ethereum Mainnet
  • bsc scan for BNB Smart Chain network and so on.

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