Why can't I transfer eth to cover gas fees?

I’m completely new to this work, so bear with me! — I cannot transfer funds from Coinbase to my MetaMask wallet. I have transferred roughly $200USD to my Coinbase account via Paypal. I have converted these to eth and have tried to access them to pay gas fees. For days I have received statements that I have “insufficient funds” when I clearly have enough. I have discussed this problem with two experienced crypto dealers, and neither has found the cause of the delay. Please help! I’m eager to begin minting!


Hey! is the ETH you bought on Coinbase still on Coinbase?


I’m trying to respond to your answer to my post, but I’m getting a message that I don’t have permission to reply. One problem at a time, please!

Yes, Coinbase has my eth.

Many thanks!


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Hey @vef55 ,

Was able to push your message to here. Do not share your email anywhere, this puts you as a prime target for scammers. You want to be really strong with your security game. Remember to never share your screen, never give out your secret recovery phrase (even to support), never input your secret recovery phrase to a pop-up window asking you to confirm (MetaMask won’t do this - if you see it, it’s a scam), if a site asks you to confirm your secret recovery phrase - it’s a scam. You want to try to avoid tying your identify (online or real life) to your accounts. So even being cautious of sharing your address or anything that can get tied to you digitally. We don’t want you to become victim of any phishing attacks or hacks/scams.

I am going to pull some articles for you, be right back with them.

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Here is an article from MetaMask Knowledge Base that shares how to receive funds. You want to note a couple things -

  • Always triple check the “to” address being sent to. Sometimes people fall victim to clipboard phishing attacks and the address they copy in gets changed. Double check the address is correct on every screen that pops up, move slow in this phase, it’s worth it.

  • Be aware that there are various networks you can have on MetaMask. There is Ethereum Mainnet (which your wallet defaults to) but also BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Polygon, and a bunch more. You cannot interact between all of these directly and need to use bridges to do so. Always confirm what network the token is on that you are sending to/from MetaMask or you can lose them.

When you have more questions feel free to come back here. We can link you to various Knowledge Base articles. Feel free to poke around there, lots of information that is great for education on this space!

Lastly I should share, if you get any emails or messages claiming to be MetaMask support or MetaMask, it’s a scam. MetaMask will never email you unless you submitted a help desk ticket (through the official metamask.io site).

Support with community should be on a public forum, like here or through support.metamask.io only .

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