Why can't Metamask restore add'l accounts and their names when restore from seed phrase?

I get that there’s no mechanism to embed this in the 12 word seed phrase but isn’t there some other way?
Can’t we have some kind of exported file (csv, json, smth…?) at a minimum that will carry this meta information?

So iow let’s say I restore from the seed phrase. Then I import this CSV that tells Metamask “There are 3 add’l accounts” and so MM creates 3 add’l accounts "and they were named ‘abc’, ‘def’, ‘ghi’ " and so MM then names these as per the file.

I don’t see any real risks here (other than maybe leaking the names of the accounts if it’s a plaintext .csv) and if we feel the risk is too high than I’m guessing it can be encrypted fairly easily (using the same password as MM for example) to mitigate that.

And just to be clear, I’m not saying any wallet info should go in there. MM already derives that from the seed phrase. JUST some metadata so that MM can complete the restore properly with the right number of accounts and the names they had to begin with.

I think it’s a low-hanging-fruit ask and one that goes a long way towards improving the experience when needing to restore (and maybe cuts down on some “where’s my wallet after restore!!!” posts.)

Thank you for submitting this request, @CookieMiner! We are definitely considering ways of doing this and hopefully we’ll be able to improve this soon.

Right now we have an experimental feature that can be used for that. You can find it under Settings > Experimental > Sync data with 3Box. You can also read more about it here. Beware that, as mentioned, this is still an experimental feature.