Why do I have the same seed phrase for all of my MetaMask addresses/accounts?

Hi guys, so i have 5 accounts on my metamask. when i try to export all of them it shows only the SAME MNEMONIC PHRASES for all of them. i kept on changing from one account to another but still it shows the same mnemonic phrases. i just want to export it on my trust wallet to make it a multi chain wallet. i just can’t create a new one since all 5 of them have already BSC tokens from airdrop that is worth A LOT. hope you help me with this problem.

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @Mobiano and great question!

Your secret seed phrase allows you to restore/import all of the addresses/accounts associated with your MetaMask wallet.

You can import individual addresses/accounts to a different wallet by just exporting the private key. You can find instructions to do so here.

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