Why does my Metamask require me to re-imput my passphrase after an OS crash?

Scenario is my OS freezes occasionally. After restart MetaMask prompts me to restart MetaMask. I do, however the only fix is to uninstall/reinstall and then input my pass phrase. Obviously I don’t enjoy doing this. This in my mind is a major problem. MetaMask should be able to self heal within reason. An improper shutdown of the OS should not cause this behavior.

At the very least it should backup the file on close, and provide a restore option from the main crash screen to restore the backup with your normal username and password.

Hello @Moonraker,

That would be good to report it to the support team via the following link. Please click on the large blue box “Start a Conversation” as shown on the attached image.
Please provide the details under which you have encountered such an issue.


Thanks Maryam1, I thought I just did provide the details?

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Which Operating System you are using? If you have your MetaMask on iPhone, first, make sure that both iOS and your MetaMask are the latest version. If under these conditions you encounter the same issue, they may need more information.


I have windows 10 with MetaMask as a Firefox browser extension.


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