Why does new " Enhanced Gas fee ui" doesnt work in Smart Chain Network?

I love this new feature using eth/polygon network I can be fast at any presales but when I tried to use in smart chain network why there is no enhance gas fee ui even its turned on?

Hello, welcome to metamask community. Do you mean BSC chain? Can you provide a screenshot? So we can see why

I cant it says “Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”

When I will make trasanction its just normal, No Enhanced gas fee ui like other network I dont understand why its gone when I switch to bsc chain

Gas can also be changed on BSC chain,

yes I know but I am asking the enhaced ui new feature so I dont need to set gas fee everytime.

What version of MetaMask are you using and on what device?

Please make sure it is the most updated version :slight_smile:

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