Why my ETH didn't come to my account

Please help me. I need ETH for gas fee. I can’t withdraw my usdt to anywhere

Hello @brucelee , welcome to metamask community.

Yes you need Eth for gas fee for any transaction on the etherum mainet network.

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I have sent big amount of ETH but it didn’t come to my account, can you help me? pls inbox me

Can you provide your wallet address or transaction hash. So we can look it up for you

here sir

This address does not show or lead to any personal address.

I mean your wallet public address . Copy and paste here

etherscan .io/address/0x4DE23f3f0Fb3318287378AdbdE030cf61714b2f3

Do you have the transaction hash ?

Yes but i can’t send photo here. Do you have Facebook? I can inbox you on facebook

Please help me because i have a big amount of usdt in that wallet

Delete your Facebook profile link from the forum . This is a public forum . While you hold on when I look into it .

Stand by

How can i contact with you? I need to send photo

I have deleted that. Pls reply me

Okay do you have the transaction hash of that particular transaction where you can not find ?

This wallet is a compromised wallet and seems to have any Ethereum deposits in it immediately removed.


Private key from this wallet are sold on the internet :upside_down_face:

@Stephanae don’t send him any ETH :slightly_smiling_face:

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@brucelee , as you can see in the image above just as @Bobby stated . This is a compromised wallet .


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