Why payment system has reserved your funds?

I received this message while trying to sell an nft:

Unfortunately, due to many erroneous transactions on your transaction, our payment system has reserved your funds, but cannot send them back to you.
Your buyer’s payment is also still in an OpenSea reserve account.

You will have to go through the whole process again, using a wallet with 0.1 ETH in its balance.
Don’t worry, your previously reserved funds totaling 0.1 ETH and your buyer’s payment will reach your account within 10 minutes.

someone knows if I definitely lost my money or they will return it to me?

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Hello @harold1 welcome to metamask community,

Can you show the particular website you have interacted with , where you tried to sell your nfts .

I use bitso to put 0.1 eth in my wallet. the fund reached my wallet, but when I went to collect the money from my sale a mistake occurred and my funds were withheld.

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Can you paste wallet address for us here so we can look. It up for you


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You have sent funds between same address. It’s kinda weird.

Hang on , a community moderator will be able to assist you on this .

should I wait for the moderator or should I do something else? I really don’t know how to get my funds back. I’m afraid to put money back into my account and lose it again

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