Withdrawal to MetaMask using Matic Mainnet taking a Long Time

Hi, I withdrew TRADE tokens from Gate io to a MetaMask wallet I created using the MATIC provided instructions to store my coins on the MATIC MainNet. Has anyone else done this? How long did it take? It’s been over 30 minutes now and I’m starting to get worried. The wallet address created by MetaMask for my wallet on MATIC is the same as the one I have for Ethereum MainNet. Any insight into what might be going on, or how long this is going to take would be very much appreciated.

Thanks! - D

Found my coins on Matic Wallet. Still not showing on MetaMask though :frowning:

It’s not a hash issue. The transaction was completed. It shows on Matic Wallet. The coins have moved successfully. I can see them through Matic Wallet. The issue now is that it’s not showing in my MetaMask wallet even though I setup Matic Mainnet as per the instructions from Polygon online.