Word of Caution on Storing BEP20

I’m storing some BEP20 tokens on MetaMask hooked up with Trezor.
One day I decided to transfer them back to Binance. I was terrified to notice that BEP20 network to deposit my tokens to Binance was down.
As of this writing, my tokens are still stuck on MetaMask without a possibility to transfer them to any Exchange via BEP20 network.
I contacted Binance support and they said they have no information about when the BEP20 network for my tokens will be restored.
My word of advice is:
1/ Store tokens on Cold wallet( of course)
2/ If you think about storing tokens in any other form than their native network( Ex: BEP20 instead of ERC20) just to save gas fees, be CAREFUL!!!
3/ Following storing plan as mentioned above may lead to depending on a particular Exchange like Binance. If Binance or BEP20 is down( like FTX), you may face losing your tokens forever.
4/ Choose the form of your tokens wisely. ERC20 or BEP20, TRC20…? Don’t let your tokens get stuck to any particular Exchange. If one Exchange is down, there will still be alternatives.
Take my case as an example, all I want now is convert my BEP20 tokens to ERC20 so that I can transfer them to any Exchange of my choice.


Hello @shaldon7, welcome to MetaMask community!

You can transfer your bep20 tokens to any exchange that supports those exact tokens on the respective network (bep20). Otherwise, if there are no options, you can try bridging them to erc20 in hopes of being able to transfer them to whatever exchange you prefer that would support their erc20 deposits, if any exist. So make sure you do your own research properly in that regard.

In order to bridge them, if they can be bridged in the first place you have the option to use a bridge. MetaMask Portfolio Dapp is one of the options or you can choose another bridge that is able to do what you need, but again, make sure you do proper research before interacting with them. Here are some articles to help you out with that.


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