Wrong network sending funds

hello, i do a mistake and send from metamask matic network to kucoin USDT using erc20 address :sob: it its possible get my funds back? transaction hash: 0x9bd14b5531f55f0117b03e2f3ccb65ae69fcced1a8e8e1a6e3df3fd8e698b747 thanks you for answer

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Hi @gigantas only KuCoin support will help you :point_down:


Hi did you manage to resolve this? I faced a similar issue

Kucoin support working on this. They sayd its possible get funds back but its cost time and 100usd


ah thats good news to hear. as long can get back the funds, and it’s not less than 100usd. but mine is to FTX and i have yet to hear from them.