Sent USDT to wrong address. It was multicall address. Now lost

I was trying to send USDT to my KuCoin account. As I was doing it, I saw a button asking if I wanted to use a previously used KuCoin address. I wasn’t thinking and agreed. Luckily I have ONLY transferred to myself. However, it seems I entered the address for “multicall”. I don’t know if I can get it back. It is a substantial amount of money. I do see that same multicall address appearing in other transactions of mine. I can’t find the money anywhere on my KuCoin account. Is there ANY way at all to recover this. I am devastated. Thank you. I am very willing to hire someone to help with this, so any referrals are appreciated. Thank you.


@jeffko , welcome to metamask community .
A community administrator will be with you shortly .
Paste your public address and any other useful details and information available, to assist the administrator In helping you .


Here is my public address from the top of Matamask. BTW, I was on the ethereum mainnet.


I have other info but not sure what is ok to share publicly on here. I have anything available on etherscan including transaction hash, block, timestamp, interacted with (to), and contract data. Happy to provide whatever is safe. Or, if you have some other thoughts, please let me know. Thank you.


Do you have the usdt contract address imported on the kucoin app ?


I’m not sure. I can’t recall if I’ve transferred USDT from MetaMask to KuCoin in the past How would I check to see if it’s imported?

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Okay , although I have not used kucoin app ,
Find where you can click import tokens .

And enter this contract address ( according to the public address you shared )

This is the contact address according to coinmarketcap :


Import your usdt to your kucoin app


Contract address for usdt . (ERC-20)

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49183 $ in black hole :smiling_face_with_tear: maybe try contact uniswap support

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Hi Jeff,

Be really careful with offering up funds or interactions on here when it comes to you sending funds/information…there are tons of scammers on here who try and pose as support and a comment like that could get their eyes/ears. Jst throwing it out there for reference in case this post gets more hits.

Have you tried going to the live chat?

you can contact the support team at and click Start a conversation

Once you click Start a conversation (icon symbol to look for below) a live chat bot will appear on your screen. It will give you an automated response at first, but afterwards you should be able to contact the support team directly.

Screenshot 2022-02-15 082305

Also throwing this article on here from Knowledge Base -

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Also Jeff, to verify I’m following correctly - when you were in your MetaMask wallet it sounds like you hit the send button for the USDT and then when the area popped up of “recents” you chose an address thinking it was your KuCoin. Assuming nothing popped up that said KuCoin but what you chose under recent you assumed was KuCoin?

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@jeffko kindly provide the receive address you sent to on Kukoin

A message popped up on Metamask asking for the receiving address. Of course, I should have copied it from my KuCoin and pasted it onto Metamask. However, since the only place I’ve sent anything from Metamask to is my KuCoin, I tapped on that address (forgetting for a second that each coin has it’s own receiving address). And instead of my USDT KuCoin address, it was something labeled “multicall”. I now see that as an address (perhaps some interim purgatory thing?) in most of my MetaMask transactions.

When I look, it appears like it’s to the Uniswap V3: Router 2 which I think could pop up in your recent addresses if you’ve interacted with Uniswap. However, I’m not positive on this and don’t want to share incorrect information. I think other support community members will be able to clarify further once they see this message.

That’s exactly right. When I look at the Etherscan transaction details, it says it went from my address to the address that is the Uniswap V3 Router 2. Do you know a) if I can get my money back, and 2) how?.

I do know that I never put the receiving address of my Kucoin USDT into Metamask, and maybe that’s a problem (as Stephanae, up above) noted. However, I didn’t see a way to easily do that. I could put more USDT into MetaMask and pay to transfer that over to my KuCoin, but I don’t know if that will help as my previous transaction won’t really be associated with it.

I do not think the steps you’re thinking of doing would work to recover.

Did you try to do the live chat feature shared?

I also think someone will come with more answers within the next day.

I’m sorry you’re going through this. Be really aware of scammers on here. The support team here will reach out here and not ask for you to hit them up somewhere else. Sorry you may already be aware of this but just wanted to throw this out there just as a precaution!

Did you see the comment above (not sure if you can see all comments) but someone asked to provide the receiver address I sent to Kukoin (which of course I don’t plan on doing). Maybe that is the sort of thing you are referring to ? And no, I haven’t done live chat, but will right now. Thanks

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Ah, yes I see what you mean. The main ones I’ve seen are links to other sites, files, trying to get a private message going somehow, directing to other chat methods, or get you to click on legit looking links, etc.

Just good to be vigilant of it…scams run rampant.

The chat will be a bot to start but you can get through to a live person . Good luck and I know other community members will come add just sometimes weekends can be a little slower with the input.


I wanted to share what I see - as shared previously when I look at your address shared it looks like you accidentally transferred the USDT directly to the Uniswap V3: Router 2 address. From there if I search under the Uniswap V3: Router 2 transfers, it looks like your USDT got transferred out in this txhash - 0x11034167e5fefd31a268073489db7e4d74a555005fbf6a93ce14e5a4ee51cb3e to this contract 0x7ae025ac5addb7a2a51f6aad0b7041f04595813c, you can see these both on etherscan(dot)com .

I don’t want to set in stone what I’m seeing is correct but I’m just sharing what I think I see. If that address indeed hold your funds I’m wondering if a bot/someone pick up their USDT somehow from the Uniswal router address? I don’t know if that contract has something written in it that would allow this if someone accidentally sent funds to it …but that anyone could use the function of they see if happen? Again that is only a guess and I could be totally off (hoping I am). Watching for some additional input here or possibly the live chat is helping you. I’m also sending an email to someone who knows much more than I to see if I can get their input.

My heart hurts for you that this much got sent to the wrong place. In the future I’d suggest always copying in an address however even then you have to be extra careful for clipboard phishing where something will change the address you pasted in to get funds stolen - this happens more than people would realize. I typically will check and address 3 times on every page that pops up. I know some people even choose to never use the copy paste function to avoid clipboard phishing and they’ll fully type in the address every time.

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Thank you so much.
I spoke with the customer support at MetaMask. He said that I did send it to my Uniswap router. And that this is a third party contractor. I don’t understand that too much. He suggested I do three things.

  1. Open comments on their page and tell what happened. (I opened the comments and there are maybe 20 comments. Most aren’t nice and said that this wallet stole their money. (I’m guessing that the same thing happened to several people). But importantly, there was no response from the wallet owner. This makes me think they are keeping the money accidentally sent to them. Or they don’t look in their comments.

  2. Flag the account (there is a dropdown on the right of the page I sent the money to, saying “more”. It is clearly a page to report someone who actively took my money. And it asks for copies of the phishing websites, etc. This doesn’t seem relevant since it was MY mistake, not falling for a scam.

  3. Reach out to Uniswap and see what they can do. I’m about to do that now.

I’ll get back with any info.

I did see what you wrote up above. How do you know/think that it got transferred out in that transfer hash you listed and sent to that wallet you listed?

I’m asking since I may try to reach out to a crypto recovery consultant tomorrow and would like to give them as much info as I can.



I think there is a chance there is something written in the routers contract that allows people to withdrawal funds accidentally sent to it but that this function can be used by anyone potentially…and potentially that’s what happened. Keep in mind I’m totally guessing here.

Be really careful spending money on recovery, especially be hyper aware of information the these services ask from you. I always lean on the side of not trusting these things. I personally wouldn’t screen share with anyone or click on any links from them, including email links, chat links. I’m a little paranoid/super cautious always when it comes to this stuff.

I know Uniswap has contact methods, maybe go to their website and use emails from there? Again be so careful with responses you get and any links - scammers are abundant. Maybe even try directly going to the big names at Uni through Twitter? Worth an attempt just make sure it’s the right account - so many imposters there too.

There are some very helpful people in the crypto community in general who would probably help you for free if it was possible. Again - always be aware of info you’re giving out.

I just see that secondary transaction where it looks like your funds were transferred out :confused: - but I’m asking someone else for their thoughts too (they know much more!) and will post what they respond here when I know

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