Sent USDT to wrong address. It was multicall address. Now lost

Ooof, I have tried to go back to Metamask zendesk and the people today aren’t able to understand the problem. Last nights person was great.

I went to uniswap and they said that tokens aren’t in the router contract anymore since they are sent directly to them are always sent to the next persons address. (or at least that’s what I recall they said since the conversation was disconnected and I can’t reconnect now). Anyway, I’m trying to find out how to contact the next person in line. Maybe it’s best you dm me, if possible?

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Hey! So I can’t dm you for security purposes on here but once I hear from someone who will be able to shed light on how the tokens for posted out, I will be sure to post here.

Hi @jeffko I heard back from the brain I reached out to. Their suggestion was you reach out to KuCoin, the transaction you shared is more complex than a simple transfer since multi-call. Try KuCoin support through their website (watch for scammers).

Were you trying to bridge anything at all?

I had to delete earlier messages cuz the site won’t let me post 3 in a row :joy:.

I had put this in one of them too -

Another idea - check this tether(dot)to/en/tether-token-recoveries - maybe also worth inquiring with tether support? Just be cautious of what is shared. TX ID and public wallet addresses all seem fine.

Key IDs would be the one you shared where you transferred directly to the Uniswap Router and then this one where your funds went out : 0x11034167e5fefd31a268073489db7e4d74a555005fbf6a93ce14e5a4ee51cb3e to this contract 0x7ae025ac5addb7a2a51f6aad0b7041f04595813c .

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No, I don’t recognize that wallet. It is not mine.

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Hi Kbee,
I don’t think reaching out to Kucoin would be helpful since my money never made it to Kucoin.

If I understand you correctly re bridging, then no. I was trying to use Ethereum blockchain to send money from Metamask to Kucoin. But it instead got sent to the Uniswap router. As I understand it, that is just a way station of sorts. It then was sent to the next contract who used that router (I may not be exactly right, but in any case, it got sent to a random person. I reached out to this person through “comments” on Etherscan, but I think it is likely that they don’t even know I am trying to reach them.

Right now, I’m at a loss since Uniswap says they can’t do anything. I did message Metamask for a second time. This time the person said he was escalating the issue to the customer service/security team and they would reach out to me, but I haven’t heard yet.


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