Wrong Transfer from metamask to ronin wallet

Hi Metamask, hope you could help me, I was going to transfer ETH from my metamask wallet to my ronin wallet. Unfortunately, I transferred it a ronin wallet (with previous transaction) which I thought was mine. Is there a way that my ETH can be retrieve or transferred to my Ronin Wallet. Thanks.

How could I contact the owner of thr ronin account. Please help Thanks.

Unless you know who owns it, there is no way to know who a wallet is from.

You said it was from an older transaction. Do you have any information on that transaction, to who you where sending to??

Hi there appreciate your reply.
The previous transaction was a deposit to my ronin wallet via skymavis/ ronin bridge and this is my first transaction.
When I tried this method again, the account appeared is the same with the account that I thought is not mine.
Is there a chance that my transaction is only pending that is why I havent receive it from my ronin wallet.
The latest transaction I made was sending ETH directly from my metamask wallet to the previous ronin account and not thru skymavis/ ronin bridge just like from my previous transaction.

Hope you could help me with this.


This is the code latest transaction that Im asking for help, can you tell if this is pending or floating transaction?

Or did I really make a mistake of sending ETH to the account in my previous transaction?

Thanks a lot.

It looks like you sent to the contract address of the Ronin Bridge.

If that is the case, then I think you lost your funds.

But just in case go to the bridge, I think there is a redeem pending transaction button on there and see if your transaction is there or not.

Was that really possible that I lost my funds eventhough I just send my funds to account saved in my history. I didnt retype it, I just clicked the saved account.

If it is really a lost, then I should accept my mistake. This is a lesson learned for me. Thanks for your time.

The thing is the bridge is a 2 step process, so you usually put your destination address as your wallet, but the actual process sends the money to the bridge, and then from the Bridge to your wallet. But this is done internally in the bridge. If you transfer directly to the contract address of the bridge, then it is different than using the bridge.