2 transactions with an error

2 transactions with an error.The money to the wallet was not returned, what is the reason? Please help
thash #1 0x2370e08cde49f766bf324dad9936e05dd61e9a5f90843752522c3d8de4d3079f
thash #2
On bscan, you can clearly see what mistakes were made. Everyone said to me that the money would be returned without fail or were not debited at all. But why then there are no return transactions? Where to write pleas for help?

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Hey @GoldKoi, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

When transactions fail, the tokens never leave your wallet. Only when transactions are successful do the tokens leave your wallet. Except for the gas fees that are non-refundable, your BNB never left your wallet and has remained in your possession. Therefore, there are no return transactions because the BNB never left your wallet.

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Sorry for my ignorance. The lack of funds in the amount of $ 317.59 per transaction means that I was hacked? Everyone around me says that the money was not debited, but after the transactions they were not returned !! I am telling the truth! And I can confirm this with any screenshots. When calculating money from transactions, it is clear that they are gone! I already wrote to the metamask support, but there was no response after 14 days. Who should I write next ??

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Sorry to hear about the wait, the support team will be with you as soon as they can.

The two transactions have failed, meaning the BNB never left your wallet. You should not expect any return transactions because the BNB never left your wallet. If you are still looking for the same amount of BNB in your wallet, it looks like there were several transactions of BNB out of your wallet after these two failed transactions, which may be the cause of any confusion.

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I’m sure that I was not the only one who had such a problem, that’s for sure. Standard answers do not solve user problems. I had a great need for further transactions, I could not wait for a support response for 14 days. Although, as I understand it, I will not refund money, but everyone says they weren’t never existed))) Thank you for your help. I should think carefully about the wallet of another company


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