Account balances of tokens are now zero

Logged into MetaMask this morning to check balances of various tokens. Balances are now zero. I haven’t shared my secret phrase with anyone. I looked at my account: 0x541f599137212189Be3d8A56CD63997036C7cAAA on Etherscan and see that there are transfers to an address: 0x6d123F7d71771bf0bC0D5d1d705d8196d3A2828f
This address appears to hold my tokens, although the most recent transaction from this address was a transfer of the AMP to UNISWAP V2: AMP 6.
I’m using MetaMask extension 9.8.2 in the Chrome browser.
Any help with this is appreciated. As mentioned, I have not shared my secret phrase, and I would generally consider myself security-conscious in these matters. Thank you.