Zero balances when added to metamask

Hi all,
I am a complete novice to metamask. I am trying to get to grips with all my cryptos i have stored in my metamask wallet and send them all out. A couple of issues i have.

  1. I have not been in my metamask wallet for well over a year. Just getting back on top of it and where i have created coins in my account, they are all showing zero balances. why is that?
  2. I have some coins that are in the etherscan but when i place the contract number in the search bar in metamask, it tells me the number should be 11 characters or less. where do i get a smaller number with the info on my etherscan results.?
    thanks in advance

Hi mikeyranson, some coins :grin: you have to write more details… some erc20 tokens?

hi, sorry. didnt think
I have the following in the wallet:
dragon coin
all sports
sirin labs


hmm many coins :sweat_smile:

add contract address? and show error?
example CyberMiles Token Contract Address is:

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