Account hacked by extension

Hello, after a hard night of more than 15 hours of work, and in a hurry to go to sleep, I got caught like a bruise by a software tracker asking me for my keys, tired, I stupidly copied in this one, and yet, I assure you, I have 4 years of experience. My ethereum were therefore liquidated, annoying, but more on the fact that I can no longer move anything without the extension added to metamask by pirate, recovering me each transfer.

So I spotted this one, and asked if it is possible to replace it with a bogus extension making this thief believe that his software is still active, in order to correctly transfer what remains to me to another wallet , or all simply deleted the time to make my transfers, because I do not have a visible link allowing to delete it, unless it is also hidden by this pirate.
Can you help me, either with a simple patch, or to find the buttons to delete this extension while I move all to another account, thank you.