Add 1Inch token on BNB Chain

I sent 1Inch tokens from binance to my address on the BNB Chain part of my MetaMask. BSCScan shows them, but I cannot add the token to my BNB Chain. When I enter the contract address, MM tells me, I have to switch to the Ether Chain to add the new token with this address.
Where am I wrong? Thanks


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I just tried to recreate the steps and add the 1Inch token to the BSC network and it gave me the same error, but I just proceeded with the steps anyway, added also the token symbol and decimals and it worked.


hello, i added some, you try


Quite true, it works! Thanks! Meanwhile I found out the “problem” exists also for other coins that can be ERC20 or BNB Chain. So I will get them all in manually. Any hint where I find the Token Decimal? Do I have to count the figures in the contract address?


OK, as long as the coins show the correct amount, it’s fine

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You can easily find the token contract address and decimals if you type in the name of the token in the search bar of the network’s blockchain explorer (in this case BSC scan).


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This only happens when the contract address for the respective token is the same for both Ethereum network and BSC network, as is the case with 1inch. You can check for the contract address on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko as well.

Urban.Moods and 998755 provided the quick solution :fox_face:


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