Adding Luxembourg Crytpo Stamps to METAMASK failing

Hello I recently bought some of the new Luxembourg Crypto stamps. It says I can add them to a MetaMask wallet. I follow the instructions and it fails, nothing happens. I can see the stamp after I scan the QR code but cannot seem to add the stamp to my wallet. I did as instructed and changed to thePolygon Network. I do notice on the page opened in the MetaMask Browser that shows all the stamp details that is says MetaMask not connected - limitied features available. I tried to add the token with the key words, nothing. All of the above on the app. So I tried with the webpage downloading the MetaMask extension - nothing… from my wallet on the web I cannot even find how to access the camera. On the Lux post cryptostamp web site it says I should just activate the extension to upload my stamp - but again this fails. Totally dissilusioned with this - I have been trading crypto on Kraken for years never had an issue - this all seems very complicated and obviously does not work as per the instructions

hi @skirabbit , are the stamps you are talking about an NFT?
If so, read the content of this post, it may be useful to you.

Also, read the FAQs below this article

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