New MM installation with tokens from Unstoppable Domains - none will import

`I’ve been reading all the articles and trying to get my Unstoppable Domains NFTs to show up in my reinstated MM wallet but to no avail. I used my exact seed phrase to open the account since I had deleted Chrome browser and now have MM installed on Brave. I have all the transaction information available from my Unstoppable Domain account including the address where the assets were sent. Is there a way to restore these assets? Thank you.

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hi @David1957 . Do you want the newly installed wallet to display your tokens and NFTs? Try the following :point_down:


Thank you, Tuya. I changed the setting as suggested to ‘Auto detect’ and refreshed. No luck. I can see the sending address on Unstoppable Domains of a token I just bought and sent yesterday. It is 0x6C3b80AF033c28D16E97af2a92Eb5EF78CfC3cDc. That is one of my three new accounts on Meta Mask addresses. However, I’m stuck there.
Can you help me get this one token then I will work on the bulk I sent last year. Thank you.

hi @David1957 , follow this on

If you want to import a token’s contract address, read this :point_down:


Xie Xie Tuya,
Tomorrow I will try what you sent. GREAT!

YES! PERFECT! Your directions were clear and worked 100% for all domains at that address. I was able to transfer all of my recent purchases to my MetaMask wallet.

Now can you help me with this? I have 266 more domains that I bought from Unstoppable Dpomains in the past years that I have lost hold of in my MetaMask wallet and want to (re) park them in my MetaMask wallet or directly onto Openseas. But I tried the same technique but was unsuccessful

Here is one of the names:

Tuya, when I tried to import an address instead of creating one it asked for my private key string. I only have my 12-word seed phrase.
Can you help solve this?

Many thanks,

hi @David1957 . you have 266 NFTs, you can follow my steps above to import them one by one.

Since there are so many NFTs, it makes no sense to do so. you don’t need to display them all, just need to know that they are in your wallet.

You can view all your NFTs on opensea.
https: //opensea. io/0xf46D561e29D9d1fc71A02694586e984Cb6651E77

@David1957 , or you can: Settings - Experimental - Enable Autodetect NFTs , which will automatically reveal all your NFTs, but please be aware of the privacy risks noted.

when I tried to import an address instead of creating one it asked for my private key string. I only have my 12-word seed phrase.

Are you planning to import this wallet into the wallet you are currently using? :joy:
You can install MM in other browsers (Chrome, Brave, Edge, etc.) and then import it using 12 words.
If you want to back up your private key, click “…” - Account Details


you are the BEST! Thank you so much for your help. I will check this out tomorrow and let you know how it goes. But I will sleep better tonight.

Xie Xie,

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Hello Tuya,
I did open a new OpenSeas Account as you suggested at this address; 0xf46D561e29D9d1fc71A02694586e984Cb6651E77
And It lists 266 domains. YEAH!!

But I would like to add them to my wallet. One at a time is no problem but I cannot do it. I tried.:worried:

I’m sorry for bothering again, Tuya, and acting so simple but I’m 65 years old and truly believe in blockchain and what to know how to function in this new blockchain world. I don’t have anybody to ask, Most of my friends think crypto is a fake so I need your help in completing this task.

Once again… how would I get easy1234.nft to my MM wallet? I don’t have that
0xf46D561e29D9d1fc71A02694586e984Cb6651E77 address available in my MM wallet any more …or do I?

Thank you for sticking with me.


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I don’t have that
0xf46D561e29D9d1fc71A02694586e984Cb6651E77 address available in my MM wallet any more …or do I?

If you have backed up the seed phrase of this wallet, install MetaMask in another browser (Chrome, Brave, Edge, Firefox etc. Be sure to go through official channels), and then import your seed phrase.
After opening this wallet, you have two ways to import NFT, manually import as mentioned above, or Enable Autodetect NFTs.

But I would like to add them to my wallet. One at a time is no problem but I cannot do it. I tried.

You can only import NFT into the wallet to which it belongs. Once you complete the previous step, you can complete this step.


Hello Again Tuya,
I downloaded MM to Firefox.
I don’t want to err again. So Tuya, below (see insert) is where I am in my MetaMask installation

My question is, should I …
a) create a new wallet
b) import an existing wallet

Thank you (again).

hi @David1957 .
If you want to create a new wallet (one that didn’t exist before), select Create.
If you have an existing wallet to restore (you have its seed phrase), select Import.
So you should choose b here. :smile:


Hi Tuya,
I appreciate your quick responses.
I restored my wallet on a new browser -Firefox - using my 12-word seed phrase.

Then I went back to Polyscan and entered 1234easy.nft
This is what I got:

I then copied the token number:

and then copied the UNSTOPPABLE DOMAINS address 0xa9a6A3626993D487d2Dbda3173cf58cA1a9D9e9f

But then this

Screen Shot 2023-09-23 at 20.49.47.png

Again, my apologies, Tuya, if I’m forgetting a step. I tried half a dozen times but I must be missing something.
I appreciate your patience.
What do I need to do?

Many thanks!

hi. Your operation method is correct, the contract address and token ID are also correct.
Make sure the wallet’s network is switched to Polygon.
Make sure nothing you copy does not contain spaces.

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Hi Tuya,

I trust you and your information. I’m still not getting imports though.
Let me go through all my steps to see if you can spot my error.
First, I exited all windows and rebooted my computer. Fresh start.

Here is a screenshot and information about where I am trying to import my NFTs -

then I click Import NFT
I copy and paste
this is from Unstoppable Domain. - 0xa9a6A3626993D487d2Dbda3173cf58cA1a9D9e9f

This is from polygonscan for : easy1234.nft 17479153222705233899445349429078150805807896585142889904230203217555245087854

Then it immediately looks like this
Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 10.52.59.png

and when I scroll to the front it looks like this:
Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 10.57.56.png

No gaps. No spaces.

I hit. Import
and I get this message.
Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 10.53.09.png

Can you see my error?
Thank you.

hi. Your NFT belongs to this wallet and you must restore it before you can import your NFT.

not this address :point_right: 0x736…370F.

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Yes.YES. I am the owner of 0xf46D561e29D9d1fc71A02694586e984Cb6651E77. I understand that
and it has 266 NFTS. This I understand. I’m with you here.

But then you said “to restore it” …this is where I get lost.

Can you tell me how to 'restore it"?
Do I click ’ Add Account" ?

I have a wallet on Firefox with this one address 0x73667741be4A7F83aEE3EDb6E9B9C7D44240370F

and a wallet on BRAVE with t3 addresses.
One is the same address

Plus two other addresses;


Thank you.

But then you said “to restore it” …this is where I get lost.

Sorry for the trouble caused. Because your previous post said that you were prompted to enter the private key when adding a wallet, but you only backed up the seed phrase. That’s why I suggest you use another browser to restore this wallet(0xf4…1E77). :smile:

So, if you backed up its private key, you can click Add Account to import this address(0xf4…1E77).
If you only have the seed phrase for this wallet(0xf4…1E77), you need to import it from another browser.

The last few addresses you posted have nothing to do with these. For your privacy, you can edit and delete them.

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:exploding_head: This is how I feel… hopefully not you too for helping me.:innocent:

Hi Tuya,
Thanks for your continued help.

I only have one MM account with one set of 12 SECRET seed words.

I have two private keys that I copied. One is for an account on BRAVE


The other private keys is on CHROME for


Today, I created a new MM wallet on Firefox. I have no private keys saved for
what was created but this is the address.

Finally, I ONLY have the 12-word seed phrase for when I initially created my MM wallet.
So do I need to start over on another brand new browser?

Thank you.

David Chaveriat

Hi @David1957, if your post contains a private key kindly delete it with IMMEDIATE EFFECT or you will lose all your funds and NFTs to scammers.

Please remember that this forum is publicly accessible, meaning that anyone can view all the content being shared here.

Thank you!.

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