Adding metamask from ipad to windows laptop coins and accounts didn't follow

i am so bad at this. i already found out too late that the password for each device is different. so when my password from the ipad version wasn’t working on the laptop version i was establishing, i updated it in my keychain, changed it, and deleted the old one…then i go back to the ipad and find out i needed that password for that version(on my ipad) to get in! these layer 2’s are easy for most, hell for me. someone help me i don’t want to import my coinbase wallet to this new version and risk gas fees again, i’m trying to just get my already established account from bin smart chain put on my new laptop…is there a qr code or something easy to do this? i also lost my eth coins for 2 months and accidently found them on my ipad version…i’m sure after i do this again on my laptop, i’ll not be able to find my eth again…
thank you in advance